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"Say all you have to say in the fewest possible words, or your reader will be sure to skip them; and in the plainest possible words or he will certainly misunderstand them."          John Ruskin, English critic & essayist, (1819 - 1900)

What do you need written by an expert career coach and resume writer?

Why not have a experienced writer do the work for you?

I am a Career Coach, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and the President of Surpass Your Dreams™, Inc., a successful career coaching company that has been delivering a message of motivation, success, and personal fulfillment since 1998.  I am a Published Writer and my articles on how to be successful in your career can be found on hundreds of web-sites. I am the Author of several books including: Coach Yourself To A New Career: A Guide For Discovering Your Ultimate Profession, Four Steps To Building A Profitable Coaching Practice: A Complete Marketing Resource Book For Coaches and Four Steps To Building A Profitable Business: A Marketing Start-Up Guide For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, And Professionals, and Co-Author & Co-Creator of The Essential Coaching Book (Secrets to a Winning Life.) I also write a e-mail newsletter and weekly tips titled: Surpass Your Dreams that offers you practical advice and steps so Monday can be the best day of your work week.

My goal is to take my skills, knowledge, and expertise to make you look good on paper, so you shine in your profession.

"Deborah, I hope all is well with you. I just wanted you to know that everyone loves my resume. And, I have good news to share. I have a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for all of your help!  I am going to sit back, relax, and enjoy my life now because it is too short to waste. Enjoy your day." Angela D. Gadsden-Wright

"Wow! I am very impressed and pleased! Thank you soooooo much!" Denise T. Cormier, Principal, Cormier Associates

”This is tremendous. You do a wonderful job.” Stephen Zubrod

“Deborah has eagerly embraced every writing assignment with the utmost professionalism. She consistently meets deadlines and her articles demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject matter.”  Robyn Greenspan, Senior Editor, ExecuNet

I. Resume and LinkedIn Writing/Coaching Services:

Do you want your resume to get you noticed? Do you want the latest and greatest in Resume Search Optimization techniques as well as what employers look for in candidates  they let into their door?

Do you know you should be on LinkedIn, or are already on LinkedIn, but are not sure how to make your LinkedIn page stand out? Are you unsure what to do with your LinkedIn page now that you have one?

Are you tired of not getting interviews, and are unsure why? Or, are employers seeing you, but you are not getting hired?

We all need a place to start and the place to begin is by presenting yourself better.

Having a professionally written resume and LinkedIn page with all the right keywords that showcase your skills, abilities, and talents is crucial to your job search success. It's what gets you in the door. If your resume and LinkedIn page do not capture the readers attention immediately, you will miss an opportunity to be considered for an open position.

Plan #1: $199. Pure resume coaching. I will review your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn page in detail and we will speak for (1-hour) by telephone to discuss my suggestions and changes. After this call, you will have the direction, focus, and the right keywords to make the updates to these documents on your own. You will gain knowledge, as well as understanding of how to navigate the job search process both online and in-person.

Plan #2: $599. The same service above PLUS you get 1 ADDITIONAL 1-hour call (2-hours of telephone time with me in total) to go over the direction of your career AND get tips, insights, and strategies for getting noticed by employers. PLUS, I do the UPDATES (including my Resume Search Optimization service) to your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn page FOR YOU.

Plan #3: $799. You get 3-hours of telephone time with me.  (One 1 1/2 hour call plus an additional 1 1/2 hour call to discuss your job search plan.) You will receive a brand new resume, cover letter, and I will go online and create your LinkedIn page for you. If you don't have a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn page, or a job search plan, this is the way to go.

"The revised resume and cover letter you wrote for me really worked. I have an interview next week. Thank you very much!"

"Just wanted to inform you that I am starting my new job tomorrow. Thank you very much for your help with my resume."

"Deborah is skilled at crafting a resume optimizing key words.  She had me find my ideal job descriptions and then she worked with me to reshape and recast my resume.  She then updated my Linked In profile and coached me on how to "trick out" that profile."

Below are resume examples:

Below are cover letter examples:

My LinkedIn page:

II. Press Release & Press Kit Writing:

One of the hardest aspects of working with the press is not knowing how to start or what the press would be interested in.

I will do the work for you.

Click below for examples of press releases I have written for clients:

Click Here for a press kit I created for a client. 

Click Here to see an example of media coverage I got for Dave Buck, President of CoachVille, in Entrepreneur Magazine. CoachVille is the largest coaching organization in the world.

See my Media Mentions page for the full listing of where I have been quoted.

Cost: $495 for one press release. This includes: 1) One hour call to discuss the press release that I will write for you; 2) One professionally written press release; 3) Creation of a press list targeted specifically to you; 4) Distribution of your press release to the press list via email.

Cost: $500 for a professionally written press kit.

III. Professionally Written Articles:

Articles are an excellent tool for showcasing your knowledge and expertise. When an article is published, it means that a third party likes it and says it has merit. Well written articles that are packed with useful information can bring you potential clients, or recognition as an expert in your industry.

Cost: $350 per article. (A stand-alone article without the distribution service is $250.)

You Will Receive:

Click Here for a link to articles I have written and published worldwide.

IV. Professionally Written Program Descriptions:

Have an idea for a program that you want to create, but are unsure how to structure it, or what the right words are to fill it? Have your program description professionally written.

Included is a phone call to go over and cement your ideas, as well as the completion of a beautifully written program description you can send to clients, give to prospects in person, or put on your web site. The cost depends on how many descriptions you need and the time frame you need them in. Figure about $200 to $300 per program description.

Click Here for a listing of program descriptions I wrote for a client. She came to me because she needed the right words to form coaching groups as an added service to her extraordinary one-on-one coaching work she was doing with leaders.


V. Professionally Written Business Profiles: 

Do you want a professionally written profile so prospects and customers can get to know you better?

Your brochure and web site convey what you do, but they may be missing who you are. We buy from people we like. The more potential clients can learn about you, the more likely they are to buy and refer you.

I will come to your place of business, or we will speak by telephone. During the course of one-hour's time, I will interview you. Within one week, you will receive a profile that you can review. Once your changes have been made, your business profile will be ready to put on your web site or include with your other marketing materials. Cost: $250 per profile.

Below Are Examples Of Business Profiles I Have Written:

VI. Professionally Written Newsletters:

Do you want to keep in touch with prospects and customers, as well as build a loyal following?

Finding the time to write a monthly newsletter is hard. You have other responsibilities and the commitment of a monthly document may stop you from creating one. A newsletter is important because it helps you stay connected with the people who can buy or refer you. The saying "out of sight, out of mind" will not apply to you, because you are contacting prospects on a regular basis.

For $250, you can have your first newsletter up and running so it can be published over the Internet. We will meet by telephone for 55 minutes, I will write your first issue, and create the template for future newsletters. You will have the opportunity to review your newsletter and make comments until you are happy. The cost to continue writing new newsletters is $99 per month. (Based on a 6-month commitment.) I can also refer you to my virtual assistant, AccessAudrey, who can set up your newsletter so it is ready to be distributed via the Internet initially and during subsequent months.

Click Here for an example of how I have set up my monthly newsletter with both the sales copy and examples. My newsletter started with 18 people I knew, and now is in the thousands. As time went on, I added a new component, which was weekly action tips. I did this so I could stay in contact with prospects and customers more frequently than once a month.

VI. Professionally Written Web Site Copy:

Are you in the process of creating a web site or updating the copy on the one you have now?

Having the best and most appealing text on your web site is crucial to your web site’s success. And, getting it right can be tricky stuff.  You need to know what to say and how to say it successfully and effectively, so visitors stay on your site and keep coming back for more.

Price wise, it depends on what you need done. I can create copy from scratch or update the text on the site you already have. Let me know what your web-site address is and I will give you my honest opinion of what it needs to stand out and shine.

Below are examples of sites I wrote copy for:

VIII. Professionally Written Books & E-Book's:

Do you have a book inside of you, but are unsure how to get started? Would you like help with the outline? Would you like help crafting the chapters? Would you like help writing the entire thing?

Together, we will assess your book idea and make it a good one. We will outline your chapters so you have a good place to start. I can help you with this, or do the work for you, even writing the entire book. Whatever option works for you, works for me too.

The fee for this project will be provided after we have a no-obligatory 30-minute phone call to discuss it. If we decide that I am the right person to work on your project, I will send you in writing what it will cost after we complete our call.

Click Here to view the books and e-books I have written as well as been a part of.

Please send an e-mail to or call 631-874-2877 to tell me about your writing project and what you need done. I will get back to you within 24 hours or less.