Social Networking Career Program

Is Social Networking Really That Important For Your Career?




One of the biggest regrets my clients tell me is they have let their networks go. They got busy with their lives, and their jobs, and friendships and important contacts just slipped away.


Now, they are in trouble. They know the best way to get a job or get ahead in their career is through who they know, but they donít know anyone anymore. They feel frustrated and alone.


Who can they turn to? The Internet. There are people from all over the world who may be able to help them; people they havenít met yet that can lead them to new jobs and new opportunities in their career.




If youíre like most people, itís not that big. Thatís why the social networking sites are so popular today, because they give you the opportunity to re-build a list of contacts you can easily stay in touch with.


In this program, you will learn how social networking can help you find a job, grow your career, or expand your business.


There are 2 parts to this program:


Part I: (You will learn.)

  1. What is Social Networking really and how do you use it?

  2. Why should you be social networking? A.k.a. Why should you care?

  3. How do you find a job using social networking, as well as how to build a network now, rather than later, if you are currently employed?

  4. How the social networking sites can put you in direct contact with people you could never meet otherwise.

  5. Why the job boards (monster, careerbuilder, ladders, etc.) no longer work on their own anymore.

  6. How companies are using Social Networking to find qualified candidates.

  7. Where the best place is to spend your Social Networking time.

  8. LinkedIn-what it is, and how it can help you find work or manage your career.

  9. Facebook-what it is, and how you can use your past to change your future.

  10. Twitter-to tweet or not to tweet? How to use Twitter and what to say.

  11. What to put on your online profiles.

  12. Who to invite to be your friend.

  13. Social Networking mistakes to avoid.

  14. Protecting your privacy and more.

Part II: (You will learn.)


I took social networking deeper.


At the end of Part II, you will know how to create (or update) your online presence AND how to network with people in all 3 of the major Social Networking web sites.


  • How to set up your LinkedIn page.

  • What to put on your LinkedIn profile.

  • How to write a compelling online description about yourself.

  • How to send invitations.

  • How to get recommendations.

  • How to find jobs.

  • How to join groups.


  • How to set up your Facebook page.

  • What to put on your Facebook profile.

  • How to write a compelling online description about yourself.

  • How to invite friends.

  • How to chat with your friends.

  • How to send messages.

  • How to join groups.

  • How to set up your Twitter page.

  • What to put on your Twitter profile.

  • How to write a compelling online description about yourself.

  • How to follow people.

  • How to invite others to follow you.

  • How to send messages to your followers.


Donít let Social Networking be this ďthingĒ you know you should be using, but are not leveraging effectively in your career.




$39.95, which includes:





"It was great. Very informative. I learned a lot." 

"I cannot believe how much I learned." 

"Now, I finally understand Social Networking. I have waited for something or someone to explain all of this to me, and I have finally found what I was looking for." 

"I am so glad I took your class. I was on LinkedIn and Twitter, but has no idea what to do next. Your class cleared it all up for me." 

"You are a dynamic speaker. Passionate, professional, and to the point. Thank you very much."


Here's a link to a participant in the class. See how great his LinkedIn page looks now.






And, be on your way to Social Networking mastery...


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If you have made a promise to yourself to expand and improve your personal network, then this program is for you.