Our Newest Family Member

Brian and I adopted a baby boy. It was a dream of ours to have children, and that dream came true.

Our son's name is Christopher Patrick Volkman. 

We met the parents through a great web site called ParentsProfiles.com They help couples who want to use the power of the Internet to locate a child that wants to be adopted. I highly recommend them.





Here are some additional photo's:

He's a cute boy, and a wonderful addition to our family.

No matter what your dreams are, never give up on them. If you don't, one day they can come true.

Oh, and one more picture. Here's Chris and I at Camp Pa Qua Tuck, a Rotary sponsored camp for children with special needs, with Larry Huff reporter for the Channel 11 Morning News.

Ok, a few more pictures... Here's some updated photo's.