Our Bulgarian Home
Brian and Deborah
Bulgarian HomeBrian (my husband) and I bought a house, located in Bulgaria, that was listed on Ebay. We did some research, and it seemed like a good investment, so we jumped in. According to Bulgarian rules (when we bought the house) - when foreigners buy property, they must set up a Bulgarian holding company, and go in person to sign the papers. So, off we went on a 10-day European vacation. We spent 7 days in Bulgaria signing the necessary documents to buy the house, and seeing the sights. Then, we flew to Paris.

Brian and I had never been to Bulgaria, did not know anyone in Bulgaria, and did not speak the language. It was an amazing trip anyway. The Bulgarian countryside is a beautiful and tranquil place that is filled inexpensive investment opportunities.

Why Bulgaria? The price was right. In addition, Bulgaria joined the European Union on January 1, 2007 which means that the property will probably increase in value, making our new home a terrific investment.

What is Bulgaria like? Click Here to find out.

Where is Bulgaria located? See the map below:


About the house:

The house is an old style Bulgarian house built in 1951 of brick and stone construction. The property consists of three rooms upstairs, an outside staircase down to the basement floor which consists of four more rooms, an attached outside building with an additional three rooms, a large barn attached to the back of the building, and a separate two car garage.

The property has electricity, water, and telephone service. Outside in the garden there are fruit trees and a vegetable plot along with grape vines. The property has a south facing garden with fabulous views to the Rhodopi mountains. On the other side of the road, there is a beautiful church, and nearby is the oldest monastery in Bulgaria. The house is liveable, but needs some renovation. The plot size is 990 sq. meters.

What I learned:

Before we left on this vacation, I was nervous about it. What would Bulgaria be like? Was it safe? Would Brian and I be ok? Now that I am back home, I am glad that we took a chance. When we face our fears, our lives are better, fuller, and more interesting. We got to do something that we never did before, and we own property in a different place that we can also call home.